Benswic Movement

Benswic Movement is a warm and welcoming place where dancers & non-dancers can come together to create movement. The creativity is inspired through improvisation, choreography, and each individual’s uniqueness. Come with an open mind, sparkling energy and challenge your creativity! It is essential to our physical health that we remain active and it’s a plus for our mental health when we are surrounded by the motivation to be our best selves! 


Shavon Marshall

Writing a bio gives me anxiety. How can I really tell you who I am quickly and politely? I am on a journey, exploring who I am and who I can be and it doesn’t always fit neatly. I like to create, I like to see, I like exchanging energy. I am a mom, a wife, I give love and I am light. I dance, I teach and sometimes I write… Come take an adventure with me here at Benswic Movement!🦋🦋

Our Classes

Praise Fit

A praise dance zoom class that encourages you to move, inspires your soul and helps you to stay fit. All levels and ages are welcomed, no previous skills required. Camera is required and classes will be recording. You must sign up before 5PM on the day of class. Meeting info will be emailed an hour before class.

Every Tuesday @ 7PM

Price: $40 for 4 classes/$70 for 10 classes/$15 Drop-In

Performance workshop

A 6-week contemporary & lyrical dance workshop that culminates in a video performance. It is open to all levels, no previous skills required. 

Workshop 1: April 7 – May 19

Every Wednesday @ 7PM at the Benswic facility

Price: $125

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